Sarah Michelle Gellar Kept A Hilarious Buffy Prop And Even Named It

Sarah Michelle Gellar Kept A Hilarious Buffy Prop And Even Named It

Buffy star Sarah Michelle Gellar kept a special stake nicknamed “Mr. Pointy.”

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While they may not do her any good on her new series Wolf PackSarah Michelle Gellar has disclosed what props she took home from her long-running reign as the titular butt-kicking hero on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. According to an interview with WhoWhatWearwhich you can see below, the Cruel Intentions star revealed that she kept several of her most prized possessions from the seven-season-running series including a pair of Buffy’s fashionable (at least in the early 2000s) boots and the jacket that her character wore in the very final episode, “Chosen.” Perhaps most notable and recognizable for fans of the show, the actress also hung onto the legendary stake that earned the nickname “Mister Pointy.”

Any Buffy nerd worth their salt (or holy water) will remember that Mister Pointy was originally the stake belonging to Jamaican slayer Kendra Young (Bianca Lawson of Pretty Little Liars) who was called into action following Buffy’s short, but very real death in the first season. Buffy would hang onto the stake long after Kendra gave it to her as a gift with the weapon popping up throughout the remaining seasons of the series. We’re happy to know that the legend of “Mister Pointy” continues to live on at the home of Sarah Michelle Gellar and hubby Freddie Prinze Jr.

As for the clothing she decided to add to her personal wardrobe, Sarah Michelle Gellar says that she “was devastated” after a pair of “original boots” were shipped off by the costume designer for a major photo-op, never returning to the set for Buffy. And, although she still has one pair of shoes (that even fit to boot!), she’s upset that she wasn’t able to make it off set with more physical pieces of the character’s legacy. With just two items of clothing from such a long-running series and a major chapter in her career, we’re just as bummed to know that Gellar isn’t rocking any of those iconic Buffy looks at home.

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For those of us who grew up during the time that Buffy the Vampire Slayer was on the air, it was one of those shows that you tuned in for religiously every week. With a star-studded lineup that consisted of some of the biggest names of the late ‘90s and early 2000s, Sarah Michelle Gellar was joined on the series by Alyson Hannigan, Nicholas Brendon, David Boreanaz, Charisma Carpenter, James Marsters, Michelle Trachtenberg, and Anthony Stewart Head.

The show would also (oddly) feature several members of the classic teen movie Bring It On including Eliza Dushku, Clare Kramer, and Nicole Bilderback. It also featured some now very notable names during a time when they were just getting their starts such as Pedro Pascal (The Last of Us), Amy Adams (Disenchanted), and Kal Penn (Harold & Kumar franchise) – just to name a few. Of course, the series was a jumping-off point for many of its main cast members as well with Sarah Michelle Gellar getting a big boost from the series to then work in classics like I Know What You Did Last Summer, Scream 2and Cruel Intentions.

To say that Buffy left a mark on pop culture would be a massive understatement, and, although Sarah Michelle Gellar won’t be returning to the iconic character any time soon, there have long been rumors and beginning pushes for a rebooted series. For Gellar, the actress took a major hiatus from the world of television and film along with her husband and fellow entertainer, Freddie Prinze Jr., with the duo both resurfacing over the last year. You can currently see Sarah Michelle Gellar starring in Paramount+’s teenage supernatural drama Wolf Pack and in a smaller capacity in Netflix’s teen drama Do Revenge.

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