[PHOTOS] ‘New Amsterdam’ Series Finale on NBC

[PHOTOS] ‘New Amsterdam’ Series Finale on NBC

2023 First LooksThe end is near for the docs of New Amsterdam. After five seasons, the NBC medical drama will sign off on Tuesday, Jan. 17, and TVLine has your exclusive first look at the two-hour series ender (airing at 9/8c).

In the first photo above, Max is seen hugging his main girl, his daughter Luna, as he sports a happy smile. Then in the second image below, Elizabeth, Lauren, Casey and more of the hospital staff give a round of applause to… Well, it’s not exactly clear who’s on the receiving end, but we’re betting on it being Max. Maybe they’re applauding his latest plan to help New Amsterdam? Or maybe they’re thanking him for his commitment to the job?

Showrunner David Schulner has ruled out a tragic series ending for Max, who’s battled cancer during the show’s run, noting to TVLine that another NBC medical drama already did it with Anthony Edwards’ character, Dr. Mark Greene, on IS. “Hopefully, our legacy will be that there’s hope for a better medical system, so I think killing Max would not be a great way to go out,” Schulner said.

The EP also teased that “there are a lot of twists and turns in the finale… a lot of reveals and reversals. You’re not going to know where it lands until the very final moment of the episode.”

Meanwhile, cast member Jocko Sims (aka Dr. Floyd Reynolds) hadn’t read the finale script yet when we talked to him, but he had heard about some things that were in store. “You will get to learn a lot more about the characters, so I hear, from their past. Why they are who they are,” he shared, adding that the ending is “very hopeful and continues the mantra, ‘How can I help?’ for another few generations to come.”

New Amsterdam returns from its holiday hiatus with a new episode on Tuesday, Jan. 3 at 10/9c on NBC. For a reminder on where the show left off (Helen!) and scoop on what comes next, click here.

What do you make of the finale photos? Hit the comments with your predictions!

New Amsterdam Series Finale

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