General Hospital Recap: Joss is in a car accident on Christmas Eve

At the Quartermaine mansion, Drew, Carly, Olivia, Ned, Michael and Willow gather with the children to open a present every Christmas Eve. Olivia says it’s too bad Monica is under the weather and can’t join them.

Christmas Eve at Quartermaines GH

Brook Lynn joins them, not knowing they were making gifts. Ned explains that they let the kids open a present each before the show at Rice Plaza. Olivia asks about Chase and Brook Lynn explains that he’s not coming. She fills them in off camera about what happened and Ned and Olivia tell her how sorry they are. She’s expecting a lecture, and Ned might laugh in the new year, but not tonight. Ned asks what she will do about the show because she will be in breach of contract without an action. She thinks her father can perform. Ned tells her that she can’t change the terms at the last minute and that she has to be honest with whoever she made the deal with. He jokes, “You have to face the music.”

Brook Lynn has a bad idea GH

Meanwhile, Michael and Willow tell Wiley that he is having a little sister. He can’t wait. He asks if she wants to be here next Christmas and they say she will. He is excited for them all to open presents together next year. Willow gets emotional and excuses herself. Willow returns soon, and Michael assures her that they will spend many more Christmases together. They hug and Wiley joins.

Michael Willow Wiley news

Drew tells Carly he’s so glad she’s here with him. She notices that Donna and Avery are with Sonny and Ava, so she’s happy to get some time with him and Wiley. Carly notices how pale Willow looks and assumes it’s stress. Drew is more determined than ever to find her parents and wants to tell her what they’ve learned. Carly thinks that would be a mistake and he should let Willow enjoy Christmas. Drew doesn’t like keeping this from her. Carly points out that all they have right now is a theory.

Carly advises Drew Mistake GH

Later, Carly tells everyone that she has to go and gives Wiley a big hug. Drew leads her outside and outside pulls her into a kiss. He also gives her a gift. It’s a key ring from Florida with a key on it. She asks what the key is for. He smiles and says she will find out soon.

Carly is against Drew GH

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At Alexis, Alexis, Molly, TJ, Kristina, Spencer, Sam and Dante gather. Alexis checks on Spencer to make sure he’s okay. He asks Alexis if he is destined to be like his father. She asks what is happening to his father. Spencer says he found out things that embarrassed him and shame him just being with his dad. He asks how he escapes his own family. Alexis says he can’t.

Nikolas Alexis speaks GH

Alexis says that while Spencer can’t escape his family, he can distance himself from them. She points out that Sam, Molly, Kristina and herself all have their own lives separate from the family. She tells him not to let the Cassadines take up space in his head and to learn to be his own person. She advises him to try to find what makes him feel alive and happy.

Alexis bad idea GH

Meanwhile, Sam stops Dante from checking his phone because it’s their night. He explains that he had to check in on Cody, who is alone. Suddenly he gets a text saying he has to go, but he’ll be right back, don’t worry.

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The family continues to enjoy time together, and Kristina reveals that she is organizing a drive to help LGBTQ+ children in need. She is able to do that thanks to having a job that gives her free time. Spencer thanks the family for everything they’ve done to help him tonight, but has a place he needs to be. Later, Alexis tells Kristina that she loves that she’s doing something that makes her happy and she’s proud of her.

Gregory, Chase, Finn and Violet spend the evening together at Finn’s place, but Chase can’t let go of his anger at Brook Lynn. He’s glad he pulled out of the gingerbread jam so BLQ can deal with the fallout. Gregory guesses this is about revenge.

Chase and Gregory Christmas GH

Violet and Finn open the advent calendar while Gregory talks privately with Chase. He tells his son that just because Brook Lynn didn’t do the right thing doesn’t mean he has to do the same. There’s a knock on the door and it’s Dante. Dante has news that can’t wait.

Chase enters the hall and Dante tells Chase that the review committee will take a look at his case this spring. Chase is worn down and doesn’t get it. He says Brook Lynn got his letter to them and must have worn them down. Chase is excited. Dante wishes him a Merry Christmas and heads out.

Dante brings Chase news GH

Gregory talks to Finn. He knows that his son is in pain, but he also knows that Violet loves her aunt. Finn says that Liz will always be a part of Violet’s life. Finn believes he is not cut out for love as tragedy seems to follow him everywhere. Gregory knows he’s had a hard time, but his path has also brought Violet into his life. Finn knows and would never change that.

Chase returns after Dante leaves and says that his former partner just gave him a Christmas miracle. After Chase leaves, Gregory reads One night before Christmas to Violet and Finn.

At the Ashford residence, Portia, Curtis, Joss and Marshall try to cheer Trina up for the holidays. Portia says if Trina wants to decorate ornaments like they used to, they can. However, she would like Trina to also feel free to be low-key. Trina knows that Christmas is important, even more so in difficult times.

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Curtis tells Portia that this is their first Christmas together in their home and his first Christmas with his father in over 30 years. He thinks this should be celebrated and gives them both gifts. Portia gets a spa package and Marshall a jazz record collection.

Ashford Family Christmas GH

Joss and Trina get a moment alone. Trina opens up about being with Rory’s family tonight and when he was attacked she was on her way to tell him she didn’t love him. She says everything because she can’t shake her feelings for Spencer. Trina cries, Rory would still be here if he never met her. Joss tells her that what happened to Rory was a tragedy and she can feel whatever she wants about Rory’s death, but the only person responsible is whoever killed Rory. She also knows that Rory doesn’t want her to blame herself.

Joss and Trina chat GH

Joss wishes Trina a Merry Christmas before he leaves. Trina checks in with her mom and says there’s something she needs to do. She makes a piece of jewelry for Rory to keep his memory alive and puts the tab from a soda can on it to commemorate the day they met.

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Meanwhile, Marshall surprises Curtis with a gift. It’s an old photo of their family at Christmas. He is so grateful for this second chance with him. Later there is a knock on the door. Trina answers it and is surprised to see Spencer.

On a dark road, Joss is driving home when she suddenly slams on the brakes and her car swerves violently.

In Rice Plaza, Maxie and Austin run into each other. He asks if they can clear the air and find out where they stand. He knows he messed up and let his insecurities get the best of him. He fears he has put a wedge between them, but she says it was already there. She’s glad he took responsibility for what he did, but how they met is part of their problem.

Austin and Maxie chat GH

Maxie points out that they met and went through something big together and that they became important to each other really quickly. She says fate brought us together, but … Austin says, “We’re not meant to be.” They both agree that it is best that they go their separate ways. Austin wishes Maxie a Merry Christmas and they hug. He goes off.

MAxie Austin unplugged GH

Brook Lynn arrives and Maxie rushes over to her. She asks where Chase is. Brook Lynn says he’s not coming. Maxie wishes her luck and says break a leg. Later, the manager of the event is told by Brook Lynn that Chase is not coming and demands that she fix this. He storms off as Chase arrives at the plaza and locks eyes with Brook Lynn.

Brook Lynn and manager GH

On the next one General Hospital: Mac uncovers a clue to Rory’s killer. Brook Lynn asks Chase if they can get past this. Sasha is surprised when Donna says she made her a Christmas wish. The killer is on the hunt again. Esme promises that she will find a way out of her prison. Heather tells Ryan something that will make him jump for joy.

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