Deleted Black Panther 2 Final Battle Setting Revealed Officially

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever‘s final battle was full of exciting moments that took place in the middle of the ocean, but a new revelation has confirmed that it was originally set somewhere else.

Black Panther 2 featured the interesting friendship between Shuri and Riri Williams, aka iron heart, which proved decisive for the sequel’s eventful showdown. The clash between the Wakandans and the Talokans was undoubtedly the highlight of the sequel as it revealed Ironheart’s upgraded suit and the genius duo’s brilliant plan to take down Namor.

One of the defining moments of the final battle was a clash between Riri and Namora underwater, but it was only brief. Now, new details about a scrapped sequence revealed a potentially longer battle between the two characters.

Marvel’s original setting for Black Panther 2’s final battle

Marvel Studios concept designer Phil Saunders shared new concept art of a deleted scene where Ironheart and Namora fight underwater, while also revealing that the final battle would have taken place near an oil platform instead of the Royal Sea Leopard, in the middle of the ocean.

Ironheart pursues Namora in Saunders’ latest concept art, with the artist pointing out that the oil rig was “original setting in the script:”

“Another keyframe for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, this time Riri Williams dives in to attack Namora. The original setting in the script was an oil rig, hence the pillars in the background.”

Date, Ironheart

Saunders also noted that Ironheart’s helmet was intended to be featured “with the faceplate clear and Riri’s face visible:”

“You can see how the helmet was meant to be displayed, with the face plate clear and Riri’s face visible. I really loved painting Josh Nizzi’s incredible design for Namora, so richly textured and dynamic!”

Iron heart

A closer look at Namora was also highlighted in the concept art:


In a previous post, Saunders also revealed Ironheart’s base suit with repulsors, as an early cut of the film featured a scene where Namora disables the combat upgrades that forced Riri to eject the armor augments underwater:

“You can actually see this design in the suit building montage, like the scheme Riri is working on in Wakanda. Unfortunately, we never got to see it in all its glory. There was originally a scene where Namora disables the combat upgrades and Riri has to push the armor add-ons out underwater, leaving her to escape in just the basic suit with repellents, but unfortunately it was cut.”

Iron heart

Namora and Riri’s fight scene in the final battle took place mostly in the air instead of underwater, which proved to be an advantage for the young MCU hero:

Ironheart, Black Panther 2

Visual artist ed nativity also revealed incredible new concept art of the Royal Sea Leopard, the main stage for the sequel’s final battle:

Black Panther

Why Black Panther 2’s Final Battle Location Is Perfect

Seeing this original setting gave a whole new perspective to the Wakandan and Talokan war that took place in the sequel.

However, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever‘s final battle location in the middle of the ocean is actually perfect from a strategic point of view. While many would argue that it was a disadvantage for the Wakandans, Shuri and Riri’s plan to separate Namor from the Talokans worked, but it also left their allies vulnerable to their water-based enemies.

Still, an oil platform would have helped the Wakandans more since they had an extra platform to fight the Talokans instead of the Royal Sea Leopard. This would also have allowed the African warriors, led by the Midnight Angels and Ironheart, to maximize the large structure in defeating the underwater creatures.

The sequel ended with Namor and Shuri have a truce, but it also featured tons of casualties on both sides before the pair decided to end the war. It’s possible that the writers chose the ocean setting in the final cut to show the vulnerability of the Wakandans and Shuri’s flaws in her first foray into leadership.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever playing in cinemas worldwide.

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