Block unwanted calls and numbers on iPhone

It can be very annoying and sometimes time consuming to interrupt your flow or daily activities when you receive unwanted calls. If you’re bothered or distracted by unwanted calls on your iPhone, you’ll be glad to know that Apple has made it very easy for iPhone users to Block numbers on iPhone and stop unwanted calls. This quick guide will take you through the process of preventing third-party companies or old acquaintances from calling you on your iPhone, as well as blocking messages and texts.

You’ll be happy to know that there’s an easy way to do it block numbers and unwanted calls on your iPhone from those who try to sell you fake products or services or simply become an annoyance. This quick guide below will show you how to block one number on the iPhone using just a few settings, free yourself from unwanted calls that can distract you during the day.

Block numbers on iPhone

To get started, tap the green phone icon on the iPhone as if you were about to make a call, then click “Recent” icon located in the bottom menu. As the icon name suggests, once tapped on this will reveal a list of your recent iPhone calls with the most recent calls listed at the top.

Simply find the number or contact you want to block in the list and tap the blue info icon to the right of the number. Once tapped, you will be shown the contact information of the caller and at the bottom of this page you will see an option to “Block this caller” as shown in the images above.

By selecting this option and the pop-up asking you to confirm whether you want to block the number on your iPhone, you are telling your phone to stop accepting calls from this number. Once you’ve asked your iPhone to block a number, you’ll see a confirmation that you’ve now blocked the contact when you return to the recent calls list.

When a contact is blocked on your iPhone, the number trying to call you will go straight to your voicemail, where they can still leave a voicemail if they choose to, but you won’t receive a notification. Also any text messages they try to send to you will be blocked and a notification will show on their iPhone that the message has not been delivered. But the contact will not receive a notification that you have blocked their calls or messages.

Unblock the number

If you accidentally blocked one of your contacts by mistake, don’t worry, you can unblock an iPhone number and contact just as easily as blocking them. To unblock a number on your iPhone, simply tap “Unblock this Caller” to once again receive calls, messages, and Facetime calls from that contact.

List of blocked contacts

Apple also offers an easy way to check all the blocked contacts you currently have, so you can easily review all callers, numbers or contacts from one place. You can do this on your iPhone by going to “Settings” section and tap on the Blocked Contacts option to see the current list of blocked numbers. To see the blocked FaceTime contacts, simply select FaceTime in settings and tap “Blocked contacts” option. Repeat the process for Messages “Blocked contacts” in the settings options in SMS/MMS.

Unsolicited messages

While we are on the subject of messages, if you would like to filter or block any unwanted message, you can do so by going to the Settings option and selecting “Messages” and then “Filter unknown senders”, when enabled this will filter messages from people not saved in your contacts. Finally, you can also report spam iMessages on your iPhone that might be obvious spam or junk mail from the Messages app. If a message is received from someone who is not in your contact list, you will see an option to “Report junk” below the message.

I hope this quick guide helps you stop those annoying and distracting unwanted calls from telemarketing companies or contacts or companies you no longer like hearing from. If you are still experiencing problems with unwanted calls or getting your iPhone to work exactly as you hoped, more information is available at the official Apple Support website.

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