Aubrey Plaza Does Impressions, Kisses Chloe Fineman in New SNL Promo

Aubrey Plaza Does Impressions, Kisses Chloe Fineman in New SNL Promo

Aubrey Plaza is getting in some practice before hosting Saturday Night Live.

In a new promo for her hosting gig on the show, the White Lotus star, 38, meets up with impression queen Chloe Fineman in the SNL audience, where Fineman asks how Plaza feels ahead of the show.

“I’m excited, yeah, and oh my god, I love your impressions,” Plaza says.

Fineman, 34, jokingly shows off her renowned Drew Barrymore impression in response, which prompts Plaza to challenge, “But Chloe, you’re not the only one that can do impressions.”

She then puts on her best Marcia Gay Harden in Pollack impression, raising her voice, pointing passionately at Fineman and beating her chest with her hand loudly.

A startled Fineman comments that the impression “was a little intense” and asks if she has any more that are “a little more fun.”


“Yeah, fun I got you,” the Emily the Criminal actress says before changing her face to a crying expression and letting out sobbing noises. She animatedly yells out, “You weak. You baby… Just shut up, shut up,” as she begins slapping herself on the face.

A concerned Fineman grabs at her to stop yelling. “Oh, oh no,” she says.

Fineman correctly guesses that the impression is of Annette Benning from American Beautyto which Plaza replies excitedly, “Yes, you got it!”

When the SNL star questions why Plaza “is like this”, classical music begins to play in the background mimicking a dramatic monologue from a show.

“Because I’m insane,” Plaza says with a serious face, moving closer to Fineman. “And I’ve been waiting to do this show since I was 12 years old.”

The two then slowly get closer as Fineman asks, “What’s happening?” After Plaza tells her to “shut up,” they share a kiss.

Right at that moment, an SNL janitor on the first floor can be seen watching the two in disgust as they have an intense makeout session on the balcony. He merely shakes his head and continues his work.


Saturday Night Live announced on Jan. 5 that Plaza was set to host the first episode of 2023 with musical guest Sam Smith.

After the announcement, the actress posted an Instagram photo of her White Lotus character Harper smoking a cigarette with the date “1.21.23” written over it in bold white letters.

On Tuesday’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonPlaza confessed that she was “scared” to take on the SNL hosting role for the first time, despite having interned in the design department for the show years ago, and even having done first round auditions for the show.

She also told host Jimmy Fallon that she would do different impressions for her audition, including a “pill-popping housewife” and a Puerto Rican news reporter that “was trying to make all the news sexy.”

“But you studied the whole thing? You go, ‘Oh this is great,'” Fallon asked of her time as an intern.

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“I studied like a sponge. I was just, like, creepy. I was a creepy stalker,” she said. “Now I’m gonna host it, so my master plan worked.”

The second half of Saturday Night Live‘s 48th season kicks off on Saturday at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

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