5 people you need on your team to start a business

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To start a business can be a lengthy and challenging process. As a business broker, I see businesses start up regularly. Observing these business establishments has allowed me to see the benefits of correct role delegation. Many sole proprietors are eager to take on the bulk of the business tasks. But the team route is the ideal path when organized correctly.

Some skills are beneficial no matter what business you start. Since it is almost impossible to do everything yourself, it is best to have a team behind you. Depending on your business plan, you can either hire your team or have partners. It is desirable to diversify your team’s skills, regardless of whether the team is on salary or has an ownership stake.

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1. The Speech Guru

A skill to have in a team member is strength with numbers. This team member may be an accountant by trade or should have solid bookkeeping skills. Additionally, your business needs a team member who is smart with money and understands how to manage business funds. This team member’s duties may include: balancing the business books, maintaining tax records and preparing financial reports such as income statements and balance sheets.

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2. The analytical

To have strong analytical skills is another essential characteristic. This person must have the ability to read and understand complex documents. Some of the roles of your analytics team member will include managing the process of forming your business and the forms and contracts your business needs. In an ideal world, your analytical team member would be a commercial lawyer, potentially saving your company money on legal fees.

The money conscious and dedicated document team members will work closely together. Combining these two roles is an option to consider. However, if you combine these roles for a team member, it is critical to confirm that the team member can perform both functions.

3. The artist

Artistic talent is another skill that can be a huge asset for a business team member to have. Most businesses need a logo, website, flyers, banners and business cards. The whole team will benefit if one of the team members can design these items and is proficient in photoshop or other graphic design software. While I’m a fan of every team member having a voice, especially with logo design, there can often be too many chefs in the kitchen. If you have a team member whose purpose is to put together the best possible logo, trust them and don’t let other team members take over that role. It is also important to note that artistic skills can easily be outsourced. If you need a creative member on your team, look online to fill that role.

4. The technology manager

With technology is prevalent everywhere in today’s world, it is very beneficial to have a team member who is tech minded. Your technical team member’s responsibilities may include setting up your company’s computers, printers, network, email, backups and virus protection. When you have a computer problem, it can shut down your business. By having an inside tech team memberyou will be up and running again sooner rather than later.

If your technical team member can help with the company website, that would be an added asset. Depending on the complexity of your site, you may consider outsourcing the initial creation. If the design and programming is very involved, it is not wise for your technical team member to spend time creating the website. Once it’s up and running, make periodic updates. Having a team member who knows how to make these updates will save your company time and money.

5. The seller

From day one, you need one sales minded person as part of your team to grow your business. A sales-minded person can also handle marketing, as marketing and sales are closely related. Skills this person should possess include the ability to network and prospect. Strong customer relationships are also essential for retaining existing customers. Duties for this role will involve prospecting for new business, attending networking events and closing deals.

Posting on social media will also be the responsibility of the sales and marketing position. Given that it can be challenging to find a non-owner who is as dedicated to this role as an owner, many business owners will handle sales and marketing.

Before you make your team official, have a test meeting. You want to make sure your team works well together. At the test meeting, you must put together your agenda and stick to it. If some of your team members repeatedly go off-topic, this could be one red flag. You don’t want to spend time in meetings with someone who gets off-topic. Sometimes people disagree in meetings for the sake of disagreeing, and it’s critical to have your team on the same page as often as possible. In addition, it is a good idea that your team members are friendly to each other, but it is also important to keep professionalism at a high level.

Good luck building your team. Remember to take one step at a time and be aware of your leadership style. A cohesive and happy team is the key to a successful and profitable business.

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