16% of US internet households have a smart thermostat

The 10th annual Smart Energy Summit focused on the role of utilities and smart home solutions in future energy management

DALLAS, 1 February 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Parks Associates’ latest survey of 10,000 Internet households shows that 16% of US Internet households have a smart thermostat. The company will present its latest energy management and consumer data during the research workshop “Growing opportunities for smart energy – top trends” on February 13before the 14th annual Smart Energy Summit: Engage the consumer, 13-15 February by Omni Austin Downtown Hotel i Austin, TX.

The half-day pre-show workshop will highlight the consumer buyer journey for energy solutions, the demand for energy and comfort management solutions in the multifamily and SMB markets, and the best processes for educating consumers about the benefits of energy efficiency solutions and demand response programs.

Smart Energy Summit, sponsored by CSA – Connectivity Standards Alliance, Rapid Response Monitoring, Schneider Electric, Austin Energy, Resideo, Questline Digital and Copper Labs, focuses on the impact of direct consumer participation in energy markets and strategies to increase consumer engagement in energy management solutions. Event keynote speakers:

“The adoption of smart thermostats has increased in the past year,” said Mindi Sue Sternblitz-Rubenstein, VP, Marketing, Parks Associates. “Our data shows that those households that actually use a thermostat report greater savings than expected, with users reporting savings of up to 45 USD per month from using this device at home. Energy analysis and monitoring services will also become more important to the experience, allowing consumers to understand energy usage.”

Throughout the Smart Energy Summit, Parks Associates will present their latest consumer data and industry insights from their ongoing quarterly surveys of 10,000 Internet households. Workshop speakers include the Parks Associates analyst team and the following industry experts:

Visit event website or apply for a press pass here. To request data or an interview, contact Rosey Sera, [email protected]972-490-1113.

About the Smart Energy Summit

The 14thth yearly Smart Energy Summit: Engage the consumer, hosted by international research firm Parks Associates, addresses energy and renewable technology trends in the residential market and small and medium-sized businesses. The Executive Conference features experts from utilities, retailers, software providers, manufacturers and energy, broadband and security service providers.

The Smart Energy Summit offers an in-person conference 13-15 February at the Omni Austin Hotel Downtown, with virtual sessions on June 15, 17 Augustand November 9. The agenda for the summit includes executives from utilities, state and national regulators, telecommunications and security companies, retailers and OEMs. Follow the event on Twitter at @SmartEnergySmt and #SmartEnergy23. For information on speaking, sponsoring or attending the Smart Energy Summit, visit

SOURCE Parks Associates

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